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Mobile Flooring Showroom


Shopping for the perfect flooring for your living space can sometimes be overwhelming. Our homes are a mosaic of various rooms, each with its specific needs and design aesthetics. When considering new flooring, one must keep in mind:

  • Kitchen: Often the heart of the home, requiring a floor that's both stylish and capable of withstanding spills and heavy foot traffic.
  • Bathroom: A space where moisture resistance is crucial, yet comfort underfoot is desired.
  • Bedroom: A personal sanctuary demanding a floor that embodies warmth, coziness, and tranquility.
  • Living Room: A gathering space, the floor here should be both durable and inviting.
  • Hallways & Entryways: High traffic areas needing robust flooring that can endure the wear and tear.

Given these diverse requirements, it is challenging to precisely visualize the right flooring type, style, and color that will harmonize with each room's unique characteristics. How can one picture the elegance of hardwood in the bedroom or the resilience of luxury vinyl in the kitchen?

This is where Emerald Coast Flooring America steps in with a game-changing solution: our Mobile Showroom. Instead of imagining, customers can now see and feel an array of flooring samples right in their own homes. This hands-on experience simplifies the decision-making process, ensuring every room gets the perfect flooring match.

Shopping Has Never Been So Easy


The evolution of shopping has taken a revolutionary turn thanks to our Mobile Flooring Showroom. Gone are the days when you had to trek from store to store, trying to visualize how a product might fit into your space. With our Mobile Showroom, everything, from showers to floors, is brought directly to your doorstep, presenting a tactile and visual shopping experience like never before.

The fusion of digital convenience with hands-on expertise via our Mobile Showroom has truly redefined the shopping paradigm, making dream home projects a delightful reality.

Our Mobile Showroom revolutionizes the design process by shifting the power into the hands of the homeowner. Instead of you coming to a showroom, we bring the showroom to you, giving you the unique advantage of visualizing how different flooring options fit right into your space.

You are in the driver's seat, because you decide what we bring, ensuring the samples match your vision. This ensures that the final design truly echoes your style and personality. Your flooring options range from:

With our Mobile Flooring Showroom, not only do you get to choose from an array of flooring options, but our expert designers also provide insights and advice right at your doorstep. After all, at the heart of every home design should be the homeowner's unique touch.

Designing your dream flooring from the coziness of home is now a reality with Emerald Coast Flooring America. We prioritize a hassle-free shopping journey for you. Let our Mobile Showroom bring your vision to life and make your home transformation effortlessly personal and convenient. Contact us today!

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